Landlords, Tenants, and Rentals: What Every Colorado Resident Should Know

Yesterday, I walked into my apartment to find a receipt for services performed by a pest control company. This seemed misplaced to me, since I was never given any notice that anyone would be in my apartment that day, and of course the office was closed by then so I couldn’t go over there to find out what was going on. So this morning I walked over to the leasing office, where the person I spoke to informed me that I was “put on the list” for pest control services, that I had been on the list since last Wednesday (07/07), and could not give me any more detail. I was still a little confused, so I asked her why I would have been put on any list without my knowledge, and she just kept reiterating that I was on the list but I wasn’t on the list for the next week. (more…)

New Feature: Twitter Tools!

As visitors to my blog may have noticed, my sidebar has an area that shows the last 5 tweets I’ve sent to twitter. Previously, this was handled using the RSS feed from Twitter, and was fairly ugly. For example, it kept the username, and the entire thing showed as a link rather than just the time it was posted.

I’ve just added the Twitter Tools plug-in, which has fixed that. Now, tweets show as regular text, with a link back to their original source on Twitter. Plus, I have a way to publish tweets directly from my blog’s home page, which means I may come here more and actually maintain my blog. Also, news of blog posts will be posted directly to Twitter as they happen, which of course has a ripple effect over to Facebook as well.

This is not the only improvement planned for my blog. In the upcoming weeks, I would expect to see more useful plugins and a new theme enabled, categories consolidated, and possibly more Cool Stuff added. The last time I seriously revisited the theme and plugins of this blog was in 2007, so hopefully something suitable can be found and tweaked to my liking.

Oh, and I plan to post more content as well. I’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer for the past few months, and I must say this is actually a WordPress-posting client worth its salt. I do have the WordPress client for Android on my phone too, if I want to spend several minutes getting frustrated with the on-screen keyboard… it’s great for short messages, but longer ones just end up being frustrating.

Best Buy Software Installer: Win, or Fail?

Much of the tech reporting blogs and websites have already started to spread the word about the Best Buy Software Installer (“BBSI”), just days after some websites started making the claim that the Geek Squad Optimization service is a “Big Stupid Waste of Money”. But what some of these pundits may not know is what the BBSI is, or how it is supposed to radically change the way people buy computers today. I’ll try to break it all down.


Theme Restored

Alright, listen up…

If you’ve been to by blog since December 1st, you’ll have noticed it was a boring blue blob, pretty-looking but that is about it. It seems around that time, Michael Heilemann decided to remove the Vader theme from K2 since it was “old and rarely updated anyway”. Well it may have been that, but I know there are probably several blogs that were using that theme including this one. I do hope that it is officially added back in soon… otherwise I’ll just start repackaging it!

I finally pushed out version 1.0.0 of, with the final conversion of some pages from HTML to PHP. The site itself will not reflect the changes made until the automatic updates occur, sometime around 1:02am PDT (-0700). If you have any problems with the site after this automatic update, you are encouraged to let me know.

If you want to read the release notes, here’s the [ link ].

KB973879: Or, How Microsoft “Inadvertantly” Pushed SP2 To All Vista Machines.

Anyone in the computer repair industry knows, when an update comes along that just doesn’t work properly, whether it be an operating system patch, application patch, or a new version of a driver, that singular bad update becomes the bane of all technicians for anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on the app it’s patching and the conditions required to recreate the issue.

This was one such instance. On Tuesday August 25, 2009, Microsoft released the KB973879 update to the Microsoft Update service. Since many Windows-based computers run with automatic updates enabled, this update was installed, which was released to correct an infrequently-noticed error that only occurs during the installation of Vista Service Pack 2. However, it appears to have been tested incompletely as on many computers (most of them, from our informal observations, appear to be HP notebooks for some reason), the installation of this patch will cause a severe bluescreen issue (0x7E). This will only occur on 64-bit editions of Windows Vista SP1 however.


I know, I know…

So I did say a new 101 in 1001 list was coming back… in February, damn. Oh well.

I’ve made the decision to pull the plug on this blog anyway. The 101 in 1001 concept won’t leave my site – far from it. The content I’ve already posted here will be moved on over to my main blog, for posterity’s sake. New posts on this subject will be posted there as well. Once the move is complete, the main URL to this blog ( will redirect to the category/tag I’m posting all these items in over there.

Oh, and all those posts I went though the main blog and hid? Those will be pulled out into a separate system, disconnected from the internet at large, and will most likely be added to as my personal journal, where there is much less of a chance for tampering or unauthorized viewing. Consider these acts numbers 1 and 2 on my new 101 list.