The End of an Era: CAFE, OnlineAgents, and OvernightAgents

As many may know, I have run tools to assist my (former) coworkers with various tasks for nearly five years. The most notable of these – and most popular – have been the various tools that showed the currently signed in agents on the company’s website, known as OnlineAgents, OvernightAgents, and CAFE. Today, I am announcing the end of life of these tools.

It was not an easy decision to decommission these tools. Ultimately, the information sources have been removed from their application, and I have no other way (that I’m currently aware of) to get the data from the application as of an update deployed May 4, 2017. Because of this change, I ultimately had to change the behavior of my applications quite quickly. Here is a rough timeline of what has happened, and what is to come for the next several weeks and months.

5/4/17 12:01:03 AM CDT: The last update that included any actual agent data was received by the OnlineAgents server-side update script. At this time, there were 3 agents shown online.

5/4/17 5:01 PM CDT: One of my good friends who still works for the company messaged me to inform me that the pages I was using to get my data were no longer available. I was not available at the time, but this message was received and reviewed later.

5/4/17 11:45:35 PM CDT: The update scripts ran to completion for the last time on all servers. No messages were posted as of yet.

5/5/17 4:16 AM CDT: Another friend messaged me to inform me about the applications not updating. I was not available at the time but this message was received and reviewed later.

5/5/17 2:41 PM CDT: Messages were placed on the web-based versions of these applications on all servers to inform users that these were all decommissioned.

5/5/17 11:59 PM CDT: Updates were pushed to all currently supported Windows applications as well as to some server-side files that inform users that these applications have been decommissioned.

In the near future, the applications will continue be available. The auxiliary functions of the Windows applications will continue be available and functional, although the default movie for the OvernightAgents application will no longer be automatically rotated. This includes video playback and achievements. There will very likely not be any further updates made on these applications, but I will probably spend more time on this blog discussing new programming endeavors. If there are more updates, they will download automatically when opening one of the applications. Any further actions taken for these applications will be added to this post.