WordPress Theming, K2, and Struggles

Clearly, it has been some time since I’ve been super involved with anything to do with WordPress (and that includes this site!). As it stands now, I find the theming community completely out of touch with the basis of what WordPress is, first and foremost – a blog-focused CMS.

Much has changed since the last time I heavily worked with WordPress, which was in 2010. Most themes available were full featured, easy to install and configure, had unique looks and features, and once installed they just kept chugging along (as evidenced by the fact that I installed the K2 theme with the Vader CSS file all the way back in December of 2009, and it’s been chugging along through many, many WordPress updates since then). However, I went looking for themes which are supported and work well with the latest versions of WordPress (K2 was last updated 08/19/2012 by a 3rd party contributor; the last commit from the developer was 06/26/2010), and discovered that almost every theme available these days looks like a simple website theme. Gone are the days of artistic expression, of creativity – there’s either variations of a theme that looks like every startup’s website with multiple panes, a shop theme, or a theme with columns. After looking through several of the same types of themes with varying levels of disgust (there doesn’t seem to be much left that’s actually built FOR A BLOG, but I digress), I finally settled on the “Sparkling Lite” theme – but I’m not entirely happy and may end up changing things up later.

I’ve obviously been through several iterations of the theming on this blog. I’ve had a very basic layout, I’ve had 3 and 4 column layouts. Now it’s time for a larger, more compatible theme. I hope this blog is now dressed to impress, even as I continue the hunt for the best theme – or just build something quite high quality myself.