Fully HTTPS Enabled

It has been some time since I’ve actively paid attention to – well, just about anything on the mattfast1.com domain including this blog, truth be told. So here’s what’s been happening since the last post… wow, is it really 4 years ago the last time I posted here? Shit.

The first thing to notice is that this blog (and indeed, every active domain/subdomain I own) now has a Let’s Encrypt certificate and is now being served over HTTPS. Areas that have been updated (fairly) recently, including this blog’s domain, have new rules in place that should automatically redirect any insecure requests from HTTP to HTTPS. What does this mean for you? That means that without sophisticated measures intended to break encryption, everything you do on my sites should be invisible to your ISP, company, school, or other entity that provides your internet access, and you can be assured no one has modified any content between my server and your computer. Look for the green lock in the upper left corner and/or for the site to show as being “https://blog.mattfast1.com”. If you do not see the green lock and/or you don’t see the https://, try adding it manually – but this should be unnecessary and may be indicative of problems between your network and my server.

The StickyBits badge is removed from the sidebar. It appears StickyBits disappeared from the web sometime between August and November 2012, a scant 1-3 months after the most recent post here, so it was time that it disappeared from my blog. I liked the idea but clearly the implementation was somewhat lacking since it disappeared so quickly.

Many of the tools I’ve used to build pieces of this blog have become redundant or discontinued in the past several years. It may be time to rebuild with a fresh new design… if I can squeeze it in with some of my other projects. If I do create my own theme, it will certainly be built to be extremely forward-compatible so it doesn’t become a constant drain on my limited coding resources. Some of the plugins will certainly have their usage overhauled or removed entirely, eventually.

The main mattfast1.com site was completely overhauled and re-released Wednesday. This site is very bare-bones now, but eventually I’ll add more of the content that was on the old version. As explained on that site’s posting about the changes, the old things are at archive.mattfast1.com for the time being, but I’m very sure most of the content will not get the correct stylesheets or other resources thanks to some of the ways things were coded by an extremely inexperienced PHP coder (at the time). Since that’s the case, it may be… difficult… to use the old site, but there should actually be some things available there for the time being.

Also included in Wednesday’s update is the closing of several subdomains which are now redundant or otherwise aren’t needed anymore. A casualty of that cleanup was totse.mattfast1.com, which faithfully reproduced all contents (Well, everything that could be seen using my rudimentary tools of that time) of the totse.com site as of 1/16/2009 when it was announced it would be closing. It should be known that I was not pressured by anyone to take it down, either via legal challenges nor by my host; rather, I’ve noticed some increased traffic from various areas of the internet, including Reddit, which links to content there attempting to associate me with said content. This could be quite damaging based on the content being linked, so I made the executive decision to break it off. I would hope that everyone who wanted copies of the content from a site that’s been offline for over 6 and a half years has already gotten it; otherwise, have fun on archive.org. Since this, along with some other areas that were removed both this month and last month were never actually publicised anywhere, there should be little to no fallout from these decisions.

precinct1171.com and all of its subdomains has been permanently decommissioned. This domain has simply outlived its usefulness, with the applications removed it is now a redirect-only domain that has been replaced. The domain will not be renewed after it expires in September, so everything on that domain that’s still there will cease to work at 2016-09-30T18:09:08.00Z. The services therein have had their database scrubbed, so even if you beg and plead for any of the information that used to reside there, it simply won’t be possible for me to retrieve anything. It’s been a fun 8 years of coding things on that domain, though, and many of the lessons I learned from coding there will be applied to new and better projects down the line.

In upcoming news, migration and cleanup of several areas of my sites will continue, including re-integrating several pages into the new structured release of mattfast1.com and changing how various subdomains interact with each other. No promises are being made about if, how, or when anything will change, although any content that changes and still exists should have a redirect left so you can still get there. For items I remove, such as my TOTSE archive (mentioned above), there may be a notification of some sort, there may be a blog post, or it may just stop responding to requests. Each of these outcomes is based off importance of the domain/subdomain and traffic it receives – and whether it was published anywhere.

The 101 in 1001 list will be taken down at some point in the near future – the current version posted was composed 5/16/2006 with an end date of 2/9/2009, which means since the time the “current” list expired, I should have written a new one, attempted to do everything on it, written another new one and attempted to do that one, and finally written another new one with about 255 days left to go on it. Oops. When I do write a new one, I’ll be trying to make up for lost time with a much more awesome list.

This post hit 1,000 words without really trying. Turns out there’s been a lot to share from the past few years.