Updates for Less Spam Posts

I’ve changed the options for Twitter Tools. Since I don’t tweet much, I’ve set up Twitter Tools to create a weekly post instead of a daily post. Should help a bit with some of the spam on the blog.

I’ll also be hiding posts after a certain amount of time, so if you don’t see a tweet that used to be here, it’s because it’s automatically been hidden. You can always see my tweets on Twitter (@mattfast1).

Update 8/24/2016: Twitter Tools does not appear to support this feature anymore, so no more summaries will be shown unless I find another plugin to do what I want – but even then, it might not happen since I’m trying to cut down the number of plugins I use.

Theme Changes

Ahead of any plans to start posting here again (and to reactivate the 1001 in 101 sub-blog), the blog’s theme will need to be changed yet again to incorporate more… *current* code to avoid issues like what has been seen in the past new months here. Expect to see multiple changes in the coming days and weeks.