Blog Cleanup & Consolidation

Those who follow my blog may remember back in February 2009, when I cleaned up many of the posts on this blog by making many of them private. Today, I’ve laid most of the groundwork to finish bringing this blog back to the forefront of my digital life.

Yesterday, I installed Twitter Tools. This brings better Twitter integration to my blog, allowing it to publish tweets about new entries to Twitter automatically. I’ve also installed Creative Commons Configurator to give each page on my blog a proper license, and reconfigured Contextual Related Posts so it won’t try to put itself on all the asides on individual post pages. Google Sitemap Generator has been re-enabled so popular search engines can index things a bit better again, and I’ve added the PHP Code Widget plugin to make some items easier to work with. Finally, I’ve put in a Follow Me link on the right side of the page, that links to my Facebook, Last.FM, Twitter, Google Buzz, Flickr, and the central aggregator.

Users who make comments will be allowed to subscribe via email to new comments made in response to theirs now. I’ve updated a few elements of a couple REALLY old plugins that were not completely compatible with the newer versions of WordPress, but none of those have quite made it out of the lab yet.

I’ve removed the cherished Vader styling for K2. For now, it has been replaced with Jolie 3.0 by van blogzor. However, I’m still on the fence about this styling and will probably change to a different theme that allows what I need it to. With the Vader theme discontinued and not working properly on the latest version of K2, I just needed something temporarily that will work.

The future should hold a different theme, a few more links added to the Follow Me feature, and probably a few more tricks thrown in to make things a little more interesting around here. As stated before, the last time I seriously looked at new theming and plugins was 2007, and this blog was starting to show its age. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for a little over 8 years now… Seems like just yesterday when I started.