Blog of helios Is Tweeted As Anti-Geek Squad

As seen recently on the Blog of helios, there have apparently been some issues with some techs believing they are being pushed out of their jobs by open source software.

Of course when I see this post referred to on Twitter and various other social networking sites, original posters are referring to “Geek Squad-style techs assaults open source advocate”. Which leads directly to posts claiming “The Geek Squad brutalizes open source advocate”. It goes further, but you get the drift.

My issue with this type of thing is that the original post, made on the Blog of helios, makes no allusion to The Geek Squad – or to any other company, for that matter. In addition, I can tell you that The Geek Squad does not automatically schedule recalls, as indicated in the article. The affair is against the entire character of The Geek Squad, and I would expect anyone who has made it up through the ranks as any Geek Squad Double Agent to execute on the values of the company and leave us in a much better light.

One of the mottos of The Geek Squad is “any computer, any coordinates, any time”. Even if Microsoft Windows disappeared off the face of the planet tomorrow, the vast majority of computer users would still require assistance – and The Geek Squad would still be assisting them. Users transitioning to Mac OS are a good example – yes things are still done in roughly the same way as in Windows, but there are enough differences that people has needed help transitioning. Geek Squad is still in the infancy of supporting alternatives to Microsoft Windows – but support them they will, and they will do it admirably in response to the kinds of challenges and changes found within the computer support market today.

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