Quickie Update, with an added Eulogy

Apologies for not updating my site in a while! I suppose I shouldn\’t neglect my blog for so very long, especially when I have the software (WordPress) set to update automatically nightly from the development source, as well as the theme (K2).

So, it\’s 2009. Some days I\’m surprised we\’ve made it this far. I am no longer working for EchoStar/DISH Network as of April of last year – I didn\’t post anything about it at the time, because I thought it might be unprofessional – one of the reasons I will be hiding a lot of the earlier posts on this blog in the near future. I won\’t be deleting them because I feel the need to keep an archive of what my thoughts and feelings were years ago… but those will be for my personal use.

In July, I found new employment with The Geek Squad as a Counter Intelligence Agent (CIA) inside a Best Buy store. For my protection, I am not going to say which one – I will say, for those who know my physical address, it is the closest one to my home. In December, I was elevated to the position of (acting) Senior Counter Intelligence Agent (CIA Sr.) – basically an entry-level supervisory position. This probably doesn\’t need to be said, but it is truly a dream job for me, and I do plan on growing within the company and staying with this one for quite some time – hopefully MUCH longer than I was with either Target or EchoStar.

Now for sadder news: my beloved 1998 Ford Escort SE is no more. A neighbor of mine rear-ended it as the car, and myself, slept. Apparently, the sun was in his eyes. Currently, I am driving a rental 2009 Hyundai Sonota, and I will be going to look at a replacement car tomorrow that I should be able to get a good deal on. Should I get the deal I\’m looking for, I\’ll end up banking around $1000 from this incident, which I plan on putting in a CD or something along those lines.

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