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The eBay user known as billsmithautoparts is at it again. Not only did they jerk me around the last time I did business with them (which I throughly documented in that link), but now they\’re continuing to harass me, as shown in their comment to me.

Yes, their original comment was from the name \”Eat Me\”, and was just a one-liner stating that I was a device used to introduce a stream of water into the human body, and introducing me to a rugby song. However, I felt extremely confident renaming it, since the comment was not only posted by the same email address they use for their business as posted on their eBay page (usedcarparts@comcast.net), but they have their very own IP block leased from AT&T WorldNet that this particular message came from. So I have two pieces of evidence that this message was, indeed, from them, not to mention it follows the writing style they use when they\’re annoyed at someone.

So if you\’re watching my blog now, Melissa O\’Brien, George O\’Brien, or Amanda Dehn (the three people listed on the billsmithautoparts eBay profile), know that your little stunt on my blog has gone noticed, and I\’m bringing it back to people\’s attention. Smart businesspeople know that anything said or done on the internet can and will come back to bite you. Your salvage yard may have been in operation since 1929 (as your website proclaims), but your internet sales image needs a little improvement.

Update 10.12.08: The onslaught of comments has continued – they\’re now just unpublished, but now that I\’ve blacklisted the IP block owned by Bill Smith Auto Parts from accessing any of my websites, the perpetrator has had to use other internet links, and this person has been leaving their name now: George T Obrien, tied to a few personal email addresses that I am not at liberty to publish… yet. Since he is on the Comcast ISP, I really don\’t want to block his entire ISP, as that represents millions of people. So I ask: Stop. Stop, unless you want to tarnish your company\’s image even more – I know quite a few people who will Google a company before buying from them, and when searching bill smith auto parts (with spaces) I am result number 23 (after all the paid endorsements and yellow pages links), and searching without spaces (as your company\’s eBay name reads), my entries are showing up as number 4. How\’s that gonna look to people Googling you?

Update 02.26.09: Still at it… Every time I get another comment from you, I do promise to block that avenue out for future abuse. Oh, and if you\’re going to leave flames on my blog, you might want to proofread them before submitting – sending me a comment one minute after the original one, asking me to correct your flame, will only result in me clicking the \”delete comment\” button twice instead of once.

I do ask: why do you feel you cannot engage me in rational, civil discourse rather than leaving inflammatory messages on my blog? I have sent you personal emails regarding the problems I have disclosed on my website LONG before I ever posted anything – They have either been summarily ignored, or (when eBay pretty much forced you to either respond or give me my money back), my \”response\” from you and your company was to file a claim with eBay for non-payment – something that was easily dismissed but still wasted your time, my time, and the time of the good people of eBay, whom I have no complaint with.

I am happy to revise previous postings or post new ones when people and the companies they represent are able to be civil with me. You took it upon yourself to create a poor customer experience – and I called you on it. You then took it upon yourself to post a comment with the name \”Eat Me\” attached to it, using a work computer and the company email address. Since then you have posted nothing but flames on my blog – again from work, then when that didn\’t work you took it home (with a personal email address). When that stopped working you chose to falsify an email address to post under and use a public internet connection. I question why anyone from a company that values repeat business (and let\’s face it, that\’s ALL companies in these hard economic times) would try so hard to continue to flame their previous customers instead of trying to make things right. These are the facts of this debacle that has continued for FAR too long, in my opinion. I work for a rather large company myself that makes billions of dollars annually, but we still try to take care of our past, present, and future clients as well as we can. Maybe that\’s an operating model you and your company should look into, as it\’s obviously working on an international basis.

Update 03.04.09: Your flaming has gone on long enough. I sincerely hope you find some other hobby, for comments will be locked down on an even more strict basis now. All you are accomplishing is tarnishing the reputation of yourself, your company (oh, wait, I\’m sorry – your name no longer appears on the employees page, do you not work there anymore?), and making things harder for legitimate comments to my blog. I feel no need to engage in any kind of discussion with someone whose retort to rational conversation is racist, homophobic, and downright nasty remarks. I will also not have those kind of remarks on my blog – period.

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