Quest to reset T9 Dictionary [ LG Fusic (LX-550) ]

Recently, the T9 dictionary on my phone (which is a LG LX550, also called the LG Fusic) has become flooded with bad entries, coming from turning off the dictionary and forgetting to turn it back on or other PEBCAK errors on my part (entries such as Hmy, Gdt, and other gems are among the offenders). So, since I had problems finding out how to do it myself, I figured I would share how I reset my dictionary.

First, I guess you need to know what equipment is needed. Of course if you don\’t have your LG Fusic this entire set of steps is going to be fairly unnecessary in the first place. You\’ll also need the data cables. If you have Windows Vista, your computer can automatically install the LG/Sprint drivers; otherwise, you will probably need to install the driver. Keep in mind the driver only works on Windows, so MacOS/*nix users are kinda out of luck. Since I don\’t know whether I can link directly to the software on Sprint\’s website, I\’ll serve it if you need it.

  1. Direct yourself to BitPim and download the latest copy. As of today, that is version 1.0.5, and does NOT fully support the LG LX550. However, it will detect the phone and allow us to use the functions we need, which is the important part.
  2. If you have not already, this is the time to install the Sprint/LG drivers on your computer. If you have Windows Vista (and possibly XP, haven\’t tested that one), just plug in your phone using the cable. It will automatically pull the needed drivers from Windows Update.
  3. Once you start up BitPim after Windows recognizes your Fusic, it will detect \”Other CDMA Phone\”. Go to View -> Filesystem.
  4. This is about the only function you can use. In the filesystem view, delete \”/t9udp/t9udb_eng.dat\” Once you have deleted this file, right-click on the directory view and hit \”restart phone\”. Your phone will now reboot with a cleaned T9 Dictionary

I hope this helps someone, somewhere, who has made the same mistakes I have with my phone\’s dictionary. Note that this procedure will result in the loss of ALL of your custom directory entries.