New Security Measures

I have created more security measures for my domains. Now, any access to, or (and their subdomains) by those in certain troublemaking countries will be denied. While in the interest of security I\’m not going to reveal my exact methodology for these filters, let\’s just say it\’ll take a bit of effort for them to break through.

The effect this should have is to GREATLY reduce the comment spams that are caught by Spam Karma, reduce (or completely eliminate) the bad URLs accessed and noted on my stats. Legitimate users will hopefully not feel the sting of bad 403 errors, but if you send me a message telling me who you are, what you were trying to do, and (roughly) what time it was, I can generally unblock you. I realize those who are being blocked will not be able to read this text from my website, but you will be able to read it on the many mirrors of my blog that update via RSS.

Note that this only represents a portion of my traffic. If the spammers keep harassing me, even with the new measures in place, I will continue to block entire countries. As it is I\’m tempted to block most of the countries on two entire continents, those being Asia and Africa. They\’re lucky I haven\’t blocked them all out yet.