Weather Station – Part Duex!

[Updated 2009-02-26]
I have finally received the necessary supplies to connect my new weather station to the internet at large. Currently, I have the thing in two different places, each with their own datasets.

However, please let me warn you first – some features are not yet set up. For instance, two of the sensors in my system – the rain gauge and the anemometer – have not yet been mounted outside. Therefore, the only data being broadcast to the internet is outdoor temperature and humidity.

(Update 02.26.09: These items are actually mounted outside now, the preceding paragraph can be ignored at this point)

The pages being generated by Virtual Weather Station are being kept here. I am also broadcasting my data live (via Rapid Fire feature) to Weather Underground, station KCOLITTL32. An important point to remember: the sensor was not located directly outside for some time – it was in an open window – so some of the stats may be skewed a little. Any data from 2030 onward should be OK though.