Weather Station!

I just bought myself the Oregon Scientific WMR-968 weather station (and no, I didn\’t pay the list price of $299.99 – Google it, there are much lower prices out there!), and I have to say, it\’s a fairly nice piece of equipment. The unit comes with 4 sensors – an indoor baro/thermo/hygrometer, outdoor thermo-hygrometer, rain gauge, and anemometer. All of these sensors come together in a slick little main unit, which features touch-screen controls, weather forcasting, history, you name it, it probably has it. The base station is also capable of detecting 3 optional sensors – I had an old Oregon Scientific indoor/outdoor wireless thermometer (don\’t know the model, sorry), and the base station started picking up info from that sensor right away.

However, the real interesting bit about this station, and the reason I bought this one (other than the price) is because it has the ability to make a connection via built-in serial port to any PC. Using this unit in conjunction with Virtual Weather Station from Ambient Weather, I can automatically download data from the unit to my computer, perform graphing and trend spotting, and easily upload real-time data to the Internet – to my own site, as well as several others, the most popular of which is Weather Underground.

The moral of this story: stay tuned. I will soon be launching a new weather website into the mattfast1 network of sites, that shows real-time data from my weather system. Before that happens, though, I have to find a good way to mount the system – I decided not to purchase any mounting hardware with the station (since I already spent so much on the station, software, and cables), so I need to either get a mounting bracket, or some other way to mount it all. At least this way I\’m gonna save a lot of money on shipping – for the tripod, shipping was over $17 – after spending another $110 on the entire tripod.

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