Board of Smartness

On Monday, October 1, 2007, the Board of Smartness will be closed permanently. The Board of Smartness was originally created as a fun thing to do back in 2003, when we were all in high school. Now, we have all graduated, moved away, and generally forgotten about this board. These days, it\’s even rare for me to spend any time at all on here… in fact, the last time I visited was June. That\’s just one example of this board\’s deadness.

I will hold a copy of the database until Wednesday, October 31, 2007, at which point THE ENTIRE DATABASE WILL BE LOST FOREVER. This will be THE LAST DAY I could possibly restore the board. I will probably set up another board for something else at some point, since I DO have a lifetime license to use this software and get updates – but I highly doubt it will be another incarnation of the Board of Smartness, which would be the 4th, I believe.

Anyway, it\’s been fun. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me at my email address (mattfast1 swirly-at-thingy gmail a dotty thingy com). Otherwise, consider yourself notified.

(This message was also sent to all 8 currently registered members via email as well. The domain points to this post as of October 13.)