New Policy: Users

Due to abuse of the registration system at this blog recently, I have disabled user registrations. If you want to have an account (don\’t see why you need one, but whatever; you can still comment without an account), you will have to contact me. Otherwise, I\’m decreasing my headaches now.

Board of Smartness

On Monday, October 1, 2007, the Board of Smartness will be closed permanently. The Board of Smartness was originally created as a fun thing to do back in 2003, when we were all in high school. Now, we have all graduated, moved away, and generally forgotten about this board. These days, it\’s even rare for me to spend any time at all on here… in fact, the last time I visited was June. That\’s just one example of this board\’s deadness. (more…)

#22: Wii would like to play!

I really haven’t done anything with this in a while. Anyway, I have a Wii now.

NOTE: The title of this post (Wii would like to play) is a trademark of Nintendo. Figured I should add it in case someone from Nintendo came by here and saw it, and decided to sue.