eBay Bidders Beware: billsmithautoparts

This is one of the people they tell you to watch out for on eBay. At first, it looks like a nice operation run by decent people. However, once you have a bad experience with them, they become a nightmare. Sure, they do have a 99.7% positive feedback on over 8000 transactions, but the problems they DO have are significant.

I was one such victim. After purchasing a wheel from them, there was no communication – it was like they simply disappeared off the face of the planet. I even sent a question to them literally 3 minutes after I paid requesting tracking info. Silence. That was Monday. Friday, I finally got fed up with waiting for them to answer and bought another one from a local retailer. 10 minutes after I walked out the door, the wheel shows up – and 2 and a quarter hours after that, the email comes from PayPal with my tracking information. Naturally, I left negative feedback – communication is key – and not only do they leave negative feedback in return, but they file an Unpaid Item dispute with eBay! Of course, it was completely groundless, as I had used eBay\’s own service to pay, and I prevailed.

Their prices may look appealing, but don\’t be fooled – billsmithautoparts needs attitude readjustment to conduct business in today\’s marketplace effectively.

[update 06.09.08] Bill Smith Auto Parts has left a comment on this post. Look below for their enlightening words. Now I ask you, when a company feels the need to leave a comment such as the one they\’ve left here, and won\’t even sign it with their own name but instead resort to \”Eat Me\”, is that really a company you want to be doing business with?

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