#92: The first shirt

Well, on Friday, I bought my first of 5 shirts off ThinkGeek: The “I don’t work here” shirt, for the complete benefit of myself.

Since I wear black or white shirts to work now, I figure I’ll be wearing this one to work quite a bit; however, I’ll also wear it everywhere else. Like when I go into another Target store, and people insist on asking me questions EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT IN RED AND KAHKI and ALL TEAM MEMBERS ON THE FLOOR WEAR READ AND KAHKI! *deep breath* Sorry, I get a little ticked off when I’m in a Target in shorts and a tshirt (not red) and people insist on asking me questions because I look like I know where I’m going. Yes, I do know where I’m going, lady, because every single store is laid out with the same items on each aisle; the trick is finding the aisle I’m looking for. It’s called a planogram. Deal with the fact that I’m not going to tell you where to find the most obscure item in the store because I don’t work here.

That was a good rant.