Linking Policy

Hopefully, this page will explain the policy of not only being linked to on my blog, but also your ability to link to me. I’ll keep it short.

If you wish to be linked to FROM here, simply

  • Send me an e-mail (matt swirly-at-thingy mattfast1 dotty com). I’ll at least take a look at something on your site.
  • However, there is a much better way to accomplish the same thing.

  • Write about my site on your blog, and trackback to one (or more) of my entries.
  • Sending the trackback is important, because that not only gives me more incentive to write about you, but it also raises both of our standings on Google, Technorati and the Ecosystem by having reciprocal links.

If you wish to link TO my site, you must have the following policy in place:

  • Your linking policy (links incoming to your site) must either be non-existent, or make fun of linking policies in general.
  • Any site that breaks that policy will be de-linked. Permanently. As in, I will personally hunt down any post that references your site and take a (virtual, but still exceedingly painful) chainsaw to your links.

I hope that clears things up.