About This Blog

So if you’re reading this page, you’re probably thinking, “What’s the deal with this site? Where did it come from? Why does it exist? Who created it? When did it come into existence? How is it hosted?” Have no fear, all this (and more) will be answered here.

This blog is named Random Ramblings of mattfast1 (obviously). It is named that way because I have laid claim to the name mattfast1 after a particularly good friend of mine claimed a suspiciously similar gamer tag (jeffast) back in the late ’90s (or possibly, early ’00s), so I obviously had to one-up him. My name is Matt, and the meaning of the name is “The Fast One”. At the time, I wasn’t thinking of the implications of the name, but it has stuck for several years and it’s pretty much too late to change that persona now.

As for the name of the blog, it’s not meant to be structured at all or stick to a theme, hence the Random part. I have a tendency to ramble on and say 5 words where 3 would have worked just as well, so that’s the Ramblings part. I am mattfast1 as explained above, so that’s the rest of it. Be it about my work life, home life, relationships, or something else entirely, I’ll be willing to talk about it.

This blog had some pretty humble beginnings, starting on a LiveJournal account, then moving to a Blogger / Blogspot account. Finally, it was moved to a paid server that was purchased by my mother for her family history website. In June 2005, it was finally moved over here to the mattfast1.com server. Finally, I could say I was paying for my own hosting, which is currently provided by DreamHost. I simply cannot get over the affordability of the services, and the level of service they provide. I liked it so much that when my mother’s hosting expired at SimpleHost, everything was moved over to my account here, which is now hosting several different domains serving multiple purposes.

This blog exists as a form of therapy for me, by allowing me to get my thoughts out about basically anything. Sometimes, I let others post here, but it doesn’t happen much. My chosen form of therapy is much cheaper than a traditional shrink, I don’t have to leave the house or schedule it, and unless I choose to make things public I can keep them locked away so only I can see them.

This blog incorporates posts from my old Blogger and LiveJournal accounts; however, it came into existence a relatively short time ago, only since May 2005. However, in 2009, many of the older posts were changed from Public to Private, because those reflect petty concerns of several years ago: schools I’ve long since graduated from, jobs I no longer have, and people I rarely speak to. As a result, this blog may look sparsely populated, but that is just evidence that those posts were deemed unnecessary to the general public.

If you have more questions, please see About Me or you can Contact Me