About Me

If you want to know a little about me, all you had to do was ask.

Short and Sweet
Perpetual student, tech enthusiast, solution finder, enforcer, diplomat, information seeker, avid reader, native Coloradan, writer, gamer, all-around good guy.

Longer Form

  • Dating a wonderful woman for over 10 years
  • Solutions finder for clients of Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Previously a tech support guy for Dish Network, and previous to that I served fairly overpriced coffee and tea products.
  • Incomplete Computer Networking major at Arapahoe Community College.
  • Born at the beginning of the Connected World.
  • Not a subscriber to any major religion, but my beliefs fall into the Pagan line. The two might be redundant.


  • I’m an avid reader. I’ll give almost any book/publication I can get my hands on a try, and if it’s good I’ll read it over and over again to make sure I didn’t miss any hidden meaning. Mostly I focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy, with a bit of mystery thrown in for grins. I don’t get a chance to read as much as I’d like these days, but when I do have a few hours to spare that’s what you’ll likely find me doing.
  • There are quite a few different TV shows I enjoy, running the full spectrum including some that most would consider mutually exclusive. A few examples: South Park, CSI, Deadliest Catch, Family Guy, Simpsons, Avatar: The Last Airbender, NCIS, Pawn Stars, and more.
  • I can write, when I want to. Not as well or as often as I probably should. I always enjoyed consuming the arrangements of words others put together, much more so than creating my own.
  • I can code. See previous point.
  • When I go into the sun, it takes very little for me to get burned. This does not persuade me to wear sunscreen, no matter how much I swear I’ll be better about wearing sunscreen.
  • I enjoy community volunteerism. This is related to the next point.

Deeper Thoughts

  • I think the Golden Rule is a cool thing, and I try to live this as much as possible. However, the way I see it, there are two types of people who are likely to say this: those who actually attempt to live it out, and those who like it as long as they are on the receiving end rather than the giving end. I like to think I fall into the former, but I know I’m not perfect and occasionally fall into the latter.
  • If you are trying to get me to vote for you, it doesn’t matter what political party you affiliate with. I’d rather see a free thinker who supports my ideals rather than a whiner, easy-answerer, opportunist, or demagogue.
  • To take a page from Uncle Ben: With great right comes great responsibility. Rights are, in fact, a form of power.
  • There is justice. Sooner or later.
  • Karma is a foul mistress.
  • Yelling, name-calling, causing a scene, screaming, and physical violence are not ways to coerce me into helping you. In fact, these actions are a good way to cause me to close down.
  • If you let yourself get pushed around, you will be. However, see previous point.
  • There is at least one thing that everyone is irrationally picky about. There is no exception, including myself. However, this can easily be forgiven, as long as one is willing to recognize it, admit to it, and not go absolutely ballistic if others don’t share the same views.
  • Shorthand, LOLspeak, and one letter words are not acceptable communication. Typing “you” does not involve much more effort than “u”. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar. See previous point.
  • All power should be overseen, to prevent from running amuck. Because it will be abused if not overseen.
  • If you are worried about online privacy, don’t put your information online.
  • Think about the precedent you’re setting. It may be cited later.
  • Mind your own damn business. But give what you can to those who have already swallowed their self-pride and asked for help.
  • Just because I don’t subscribe to your set of religious/political beliefs, does not make me a bad person.
  • Feel free to ignore what I have to say. However, you can’t stop me from saying it, nor can you stop others from hearing it.
  • Sometimes, force is required, unfortunately. It can be difficult to discern whether it is more unfortunate that this is a fact, or that some people can’t seem to grasp this. But if you must use force, remember: You break it, you buy it.
  • Do, or do not. There is no try.