Fully HTTPS Enabled

It has been some time since I’ve actively paid attention to – well, just about anything on the mattfast1.com domain including this blog, truth be told. So here’s what’s been happening since the last post… wow, is it really 4 years ago the last time I posted here? Shit. (more…)

Updates for Less Spam Posts

I’ve changed the options for Twitter Tools. Since I don’t tweet much, I’ve set up Twitter Tools to create a weekly post instead of a daily post. Should help a bit with some of the spam on the blog.

I’ll also be hiding posts after a certain amount of time, so if you don’t see a tweet that used to be here, it’s because it’s automatically been hidden. You can always see my tweets on Twitter (@mattfast1).

Update 8/24/2016: Twitter Tools does not appear to support this feature anymore, so no more summaries will be shown unless I find another plugin to do what I want – but even then, it might not happen since I’m trying to cut down the number of plugins I use.

Theme Changes

Ahead of any plans to start posting here again (and to reactivate the 1001 in 101 sub-blog), the blog’s theme will need to be changed yet again to incorporate more… *current* code to avoid issues like what has been seen in the past new months here. Expect to see multiple changes in the coming days and weeks.

Ubuntu One Subscribed Folders

As followers of my blog know, the hard drive in my laptop recently failed, forcing me to reinstall both Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) and Windows 7. Fortunately on the Ubuntu side, I did have Ubuntu One set up with the free 2GB account, which is a cloud-based backup service. However, I found that once I entered my account credentials and expanded the reach of Ubuntu One’s synced folders a bit, only the new folders were syncing: my Documents, Music, and Pictures had the menu option present to sync them on Ubuntu One, but no matter what I did I could not get them to actually sync.

Then, via the Ubuntu One FAQs, I found the key is the command line tools u1sync and u1sdtool. These are both part of the ubuntuone-client-tools package, not installed by default. (more…)

Hard Drive Saga

As those following my Twitter feed (on Facebook, here or Twitter) know, the hard drive in my laptop failed a couple days ago. The warning signs when it finally failed were pretty impossible to ignore: I had two operating systems installed on the computer. One (Ubuntu LTS 10.04) would not boot at all (“Could not find /sbin/init”), and the other (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate) would boot but was running extremely slowly. It seemed the damage was much more prevalent in the areas that stored the Ubuntu “disk” (really just a file on the Windows NTFS partition), which was quite maddening because I had just downloaded a bunch of songs from Napster. (more…)