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  • Just goes to show I have some wonderful co-workers and generally decent taste in friends. Congrats on your… #

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  • Helped nearby drivers by reporting road construction on S Peoria St, Centennial on @waze – Drive Social. #
  • Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on E Belleview Ave, Greenwood Village on @waze – Drive Social. #
  • Helped nearby drivers by reporting a car stopped on the shoulder on E Belleview Ave, Cherry Hills Village on @waze – Drive Social. #

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  • That was, by far, one of the coolest events I have ever witnessed or been a part of as a Geek Squad agent over… #

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I’ve changed the options for Twitter Tools. Since I don’t tweet much, I’ve set up Twitter Tools to create a weekly post instead of a daily post. Should help a bit with some of the spam on the blog.

I’ll also be hiding posts after a certain amount of time, so if you don’t see a tweet that used to be here, it’s because it’s automatically been hidden. You can always see my tweets on Twitter (@mattfast1).


That’s odd. I just noticed, Twitter Tools is putting the wrong date on my tweets. Today already has a post created, and today’s posts will show as tomorrow. That is, unless I change something. So, I just tweaked the settings so Twitter Tools will fire off the digest of my tweets at 11:59 PM, rather than 12:00 AM. Hopefully, that will address the problem. If not, I’ll have to find a different solution.

In other news, I’ve also added a script to my hosting account that will automatically loop through the database and close comments (but leave pingbacks open) on all Twitter Tools postings. All I get on those is comment spam anyway, easily weeded out by Spam Karma & Akismet.


A wireless headset has many advantages over a wired one. One of which is the ability to hit the head late at night with other people in the house trying to sleep, but still rock out.


Thanks to TweetDeck Support posterous for getting my issue with a blank TweetDeck after a fresh install fixed!


My pages have apparently all reverted to posts with the latest database upgrade… please stand by while this problem is fixed.



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